Titel: Barilla Pavillon

Untertitel: Ideenwettbewerb für einen Ausstellung – Pavillon auf dem Produktionsgelände von Barilla

Gebäudetyp: Ausstellungsfläche, Pavillon, Barilla Center

Bauherr: Barilla Group

Architekt: bob-architektur: Robert Wetzels, Antonia Jordan, Zaid Abu Kaoud, Abdul Qadri

Standort: Parma Italy

Bauzeit: 2018

LP: 1 – 2

With this pavilion we wanted to design a magnificent experience for each visitor, let them dip into the world of Barilla.This concept is underlined by the central placed plaza, which has the lowest level. This square has the function to be the heart of the pavilion. From there you experience different areas while passing different levels. Being at the entrance level again it feels like the pavilion is catching you inside to experience all of the Barilla world. During our design process we collected everything which is special about about Barillas pasta and the values of this family company. One of the first things which came us in mind is the process of cooking pasta, further the way of testing the right consistency of cooking pasta. Before you serve the excellent Barilla pasta you usually through it towards the ceiling, if it sticks, the pasta is ready. To transfer this known ritual in an abstract way we designed a special steel roof, which pattern mirrows all these Barilla pastas closely linked. This advice was told to every next generation such as the recipe of Barillas pasta was told. The roof with its pattern creates a special atmosphere while strolling in between the cubes and experiencing the culture of Barilla. You can see a copy of this roof, on the floor and and at the surfaces of the cubes, due to the play of light and shadow.

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